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Who is Scott Dance? 


I can’t decide how faked these news articles are that keep popping up. The first one being the one that comes with Box 1, Item 1:6. The author, Scott Dance, also authors some other articles that seem to be clues for the case. The questions then become, which articles are clues, which are innate, and were these articles written with the intent to be clues or are they retrofitted to become clues post hoc?

It’s possible that this isn’t about The Baltimore Sun either. I found Scott Dance bios on several different news websites from around the country: Los Angeles Times, Daily Press, Orlando Sentinel, Chicago Tribune to name a few. All the same picture and bio.

One of his more popular articles is about the 2015 super blood harvest moon; it’s published in several of the local papers: Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, and of course The Baltimore Sun. But this article was published back in 2015, which is before the game even started as far as I’m aware. According to the HaK blog, the game started October 2016.

There are several articles by Dance that report on crimes, as well as weather. And then there’s the Kepler article that spoke of the Summer Triangle, which can’t be a coincidence because of the swan/vulture connection. Again this one was written in 2015, or was it? Does it matter?

I guess the real question I’m trying to get at is, how did the makers of HaK weave fiction into fact and how do we tell the difference between dead ends and clues to the mystery? Especially considering we’re not told what the mystery is we’re trying to solve. History is full of mysteries to explore. Is it that this game decided to leave clues for us to find existing mysteries?

From what I can tell, Scott Dance is a real person or a very elaborate ruse. Where as Lloyd, mysterious female patient, Dr. Richter, LFoA, and any institution Lloyd went to are completely fabricated. My guess is that Scott Dance was approached by HaK to be part of this game and he obliged them. Gets his name out there right? I’m guessing something similar for Alexander D’Agostino as well.

They’re both from Baltimore right? This game must have originated in that area considering the address for the LFoA is a camp ground in Darlington, Maryland (where the live event is scheduled to take place in October) which is northeast of Baltimore. So it started as a live event, and then became a monthly subscription game.

This leads me to investigate the creators of the game to see what kind of resources they may have had when they first started the game last October. I just received an email from HaK in which they mention the name of one of the founders: Derrick Smith. The other founder, after a quick google search is found to be: Ryan Hogan.

I found an interview with Ryan Hogan (it requires signing up to read the article in full). Ryan mentions that he is a subscriber as well, and that Smith is in charge of the story telling aspect of the game. There’s a quick blurb about them in The Baltimore Sun. They’ve known each other since grade school. Someone named Adam Mueller is apparently the senior write of the game. Derrick Smith has a company: Copy Dog Writing, that he founded in 2014 and still currently runs. In fact, he has no mention of Hunt-a-Killer on his linkedin or website, but the picture of him lines up with another picture I was able to find of him.

The point being, the creators of this game originated from Baltimore, Maryland. So any people that reside in the Baltimore area are suspect of being “in on it.” While people that reside outside of Baltimore are less likely to be part of the story.