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May 31, 2017 – B1:D1

May 31, 2017 – B1:D1

Hello All! I just started an investigation into “Hunt-a-Killer” and decided to keep a blog of my discoveries. Been wanting to get back into the blog-o-sphere ever since the death of myspace and livejournal… so here it goes!

So I started investigating about a week ago. Dug real deep into some rabbit holes around the sinkhole in Baltimore. I was lead there by the article in box 1 (Item 1:6). I suppose I should start with how I choose to organize my inventory. I figured one of the first things I should do when starting an investigation is to get organized!

Using the little bookmark “this month, your package contains…” and filling in the 10 items with the same list password protected, I keep track of which item I’m referring to by using the given list of items and placing them in the same order. The 6th item in the first box is “News Article copy” so it is referred to as “Item 1:6”. The assumption will also be made that if you are reading this, it is because you are also investigating this case, so I will not bore you with the details already found in the package, and just stick to observations and random ramblings I come across along the way.

I started with the article because it seemed the easiest to google, and indeed it was. I found the article in the Baltimore Sun by Scott Dance rather quickly and was soon able to fill in the blanks to find aside from all the proper nouns being redacted, “John” had also left the message “the leaky pipe, carries more water, breaks and leaks, are, more likely to show a depression, to last decades, and perhaps a century.” Instead of diving into the meaning of that statement though, I decided to investigate the sinkhole and the people surrounding it.

One of the curious things I found was when I went to google maps to find the exact location of the sinkhole and to investigate the events leading up to the sinkhole. I found a video attached to the article (item 1:6) and am still not sure if this video or article is completely faked or not. From what I can gather, the sinkhole did occur, and someone fell into it and was injured, but not seriously. There was another article I found about sinkholes published in the City Paper, “Sinkhole: What is happening beneath the ground downtown?” by Baynard Woods.

In this article there is a ton of information on the history of sinkholes in the area, and several curious details surrounding the sewage system of Baltimore. In particular, I found it curious when Woods spoke of Robert McClane, mayor of Baltimore in 1904 during the great fire that resulted in McClane purposefully burning down 5 buildings in an attempt to stop the fire, only to make matters worse. And while this fire was devastating, it allowed the long over due sewage system to begin construction. But in the middle of the night, the day after breaking ground on the new sewage system, McClane supposedly shot himself. But the whole thing reeks of murder.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the Mr. Puzzle clue in the LFoA Winter Newsletter. Who is Paul Redfern? He was a pilot that didn’t make it to Brazil and was born in 1902. But how is that connected to “Lloyd,” a psychiatric patient that doesn’t remember killing a girl, Rachel? Beatrice? What was her name…